Dixie Canyon’s very own pop-up shop where kids can buy gifts for family and friends and learn valuable skills, such as budgeting, money management and making independent choices, all while experiencing the spirit of giving. Gifts are wrapped for free to keep the surprise for the holidays. 




The Holiday Boutique is a one-week event, typically held during the last week of November or first week of December in the Dixie Canyon Library.  The Boutique will be open for the kids to shop during their class's scheduled time and after school.  Please check with your teacher or room parent to see when your child will visit so you can make sure to send a gift list and money with them.




Join the HB Committee!  If you'd like to be a part of this magical event, reach out to dixiecanyonhb@gmail.com.  Planning meetings start in early fall, so let us know if you're interested.


Plan and budget with your kids:  Create a gift list and budget with your child.  Every gift is inexpensive, with kid-friendly pricing from 25¢ to $15.  When you've determined how much can be spent, place their cash in a clearly labeled plastic baggie (paper envelopes tend to tear) and send it to school with them on the day of their visit


** Please remember to label your child’s baggie with their name, teacher and room number **


Volunteer: This five-day event needs lots of volunteers. Please reach out to dixiecanyonhb@gmail.com if you'd like to volunteer.  Volunteering at the Holiday Boutique is such a unique experience where you have the opportunity to really interact with the kids and help them learn.  


* If you are facing financial hardships and need assistance, please email your teacher or administrator.



Contact us at dixiecanyonhb@gmail.com for other ways you can help!


Thank you for your support!


Together we can continue to make the Holiday Boutique an unforgettable experience

for all Dixie Canyon students!




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