The Dixie Canyon PTA believes every child deserves an enriched education. Although our public school is free, we raise funds for additional programs that are not fully funded by LAUSD to provide a more well rounded education for our children.  Each year the community comes together to raise over $280,000 to fund the following programs:


  • Technology program with a full-time instructor
  • A full-time, credentialed PE Instructor plus gym equipment
  • Visual arts instructor plus art supplies
  • Science specialist plus lab equipment
  • Performing arts instructor
  • A PSW Counselor to provide more access to mental health support
  • Garden specialist plus supplies for hands-on gardening at home
  • 2 additional supervision aides 
  • Necessary classroom supplies
  • Campus safety and beautification


In this unique year, we are not allowed to have any on-campus fundraisers.  Please consider combining your typical fundraising donation efforts to focus on Annual Giving.  Without our community's support, none of these programs would be possible.  


Remember, our fundraising efforts will raise funds for NEXT YEAR'S 2021/2022 programs.  




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