2022 Fun Run Info Coming soon!

See below for what we did last year!








The Fun Run supports Dixie’s physical education program!  This year, our beloved event will look different, but that doesn't mean it won't be as fun!  


Coach Nick's VIRTUAL WORKOUT CLASS will take place on Monday, April 26th at 9:00AM during our normal assembly!  Some students will be on campus, some at home, and everyone is encouraged to put their Fun Run T-Shirts on and join this fun event!  Teachers will zoom using their projectors in their classrooms for students in AM cohorts.  Everyone else will zoom from home!




Why fundraise?  Dixie Canyon fundraises to pay for a full time, credentialed physical education teacher five days a week!  This means all Dixie students receive a high-quality, fully credentialed physical education teacher— Coach Nick!  If you are able and comfortable, please help us continue this wonderful program!


Set up a donation page for your child!  It’s easy to set up your child’s donation page, and the Fun Run team can assist you as well.  Email dixiecanyonfunrun@gmail.com for assistance! 



 ** If you do not see your student's personalized campaign above please go HERE to add your students profile **


Once you've done that you're all set to share, share, share!


Important Dates:


4/6-5/3: If you are comfortable fundraising as part of this event, set up your child's fundraising page and share it with family and friends (see below).  This is 100% optional; your student(s) will still receive a t-shirt if you choose to skip this!



Monday, 4/26:  9:00AM Fun Run Workout with Coach Nick via Zoom during normal Monday assembly!  Students at school will watch on their classroom projector (their teacher will log-on).  Students at home will zoom from home.



Monday, 4/26-Saturday, 5/7:  Walk or jog the FUN RUN ROUTE with your family on your own time!  You may see some fun chalk drawings along the route!  Map to come.








Please visit our sponsorship page!